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Liquid Vitamins & Minerals Anti-Aging

The best anti-aging solution is bio-available vitamins and minerals. Did you know that your body looses 60 million cells per minute and if we do not have all the building blocks of life, then we can not replace them.  When we lose cells faster than we regenerate cells we age before our time.  Bio-available liquid vitamins and minerals are the best anti-aging solution there is after good food choices.

Bio-available liquid vitamins and minerals go into your cells through osmosis within seconds after you consume them.  Unlike old-fashioned pill vitamins and minerals, you do not have to digest them.  Bio-Available Vitamins allow your body to do what it is designed to do, give you energy, fight of disease, eliminate waste and toxins, aid in stress reduction, process thought, digest food properly and so much more.
  Bio-Available Vitamins = More Energy!  

Are You tired And Lacking Energy? Most likely you are vitamin deficient.  The majority of the population is deficient in vitamins and minerals due to the reduced quality of our crops, increase in convenience foods and the fast pace of the 21st century. The first sign of a vitamin deficiency is lack of energy.  Bio-available vitamins, vitamins that are absorbed instead of digested will give you more energy.  Get More Energy!


BioAvailable Vitamins & Minerals Better Than Pills

Pill Vitamin And Minerals Old Technology


The technology for creating pill vitamins and minerals was invented in the 1930's. Pill vitamins and minerals need digested.  Bioavailable vitamins and minerals are absorbed through osmosis just like the vitamins and minerals in food. When you eat vegetables and foods, you digest the plant material and the vitamins and minerals are absorbed through osmosis because the plant has already created a absorbable product.  When you eat pill vitamins your body must digest the vitamins and minerals and the result is that our bodies are capable of absorbing only about 7% of the vitamins and minerals contained in the pill.  The PDR, or Physicians Desk Reference has this clearly stated in their book that only about 3-10% of the vitamins in pill or tablet form actually make it throughout your body and enter the bloodstream. Pill vitamins are old technology.  You don't drive a car from the 1930's do you?  So don't give your body the technology of the 30's for nutritional needs. Order Vibe Now!

Eniva's Vibe All Natural

Eniva's All Natural Vitamin Juice

Eniva's vitamin and minerals are all-natural nutrition supplements with no added stimulants, dyes, colors, flavors, or artificial sweeteners.  In the all natural vitamin juice Vibe, Eniva  combines all natural nutritional quality with modern technological integrity and an environmental consciousness that brings you the finest nutritional supplements on the market today that have a with a delivery system that gives you 100% of the vitamins and minerals into your system fast!

Start With Eniva's Vibe

Where Do I Start With Eniva Products?

The Eniva's premier product is the multivitamin Vibe®.  Start with Vibe®.  You will immediately see an increase in energy due to the high levels of antioxidants, extensive nutrient content, 100% absorption rate and superior nutrient delivery all in one simple nutritional supplement.  You can then begin to immediately experience an increase in energy and consider more specific choices for your specific health needs.  All of Eniva's products have the same high quality standards.

How to get started?
You can order just a one month supply or you can sign up for an automatic shipment monthly so that you do not run out.  Either way, sign up as a preferred customer so that you get the preferred customer discount pricing. Start with Eniva's Vibe!
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